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Guest Book Page
Sign or view the guestbook and leave some info about yourself so others can holla at you. Link up lets get this poppin the right way. 


Where are
you from:

Good looking on the info.

shout outs: Big Dunn (R.I.P), Maxamillie aka Cocodub, Omega Da Don, Mike Problemz, Lex, Teddy Ted, S1, Doer Gang, IB's, Lee Diggz, Quest, P-Grant, HD"s, Chiggy Chuck, Frank Nino, Underworld Productions, Paper City, Dj Krush, Dj Mike Swift (89.9fm), Dj Scotty D (89.9fm), Dj Daddy Drew(89.9fm), 24 Karet (NYC what up), Evet, Da Fam (Griff, Justin, S4), Jessica, Dee, Seris, Smitty, Ralph, Raylay, KO, Netta Henderson & Rick (RH), Springfield College, AIC, STCC, UMASS, HCC, WNEC